Living and Holidaying in Tenerife

This blog is a bit of a mixture of all sorts, Learning Spanish, Holiday Travel, Tenerife itself, but especially about my house in Los Abrigos in the South of Tenerife.

los abrigos 2 Living and Holidaying in Tenerife
The promenade on the harbour, 2 minutes from our house.

In 2011 we were travelling a lot to Luxor in Egypt.  In I was learning Arabic, no easy task, and seriously considering building a holiday home there.  The attraction was the weather, it’s people and the fact that it’s a cheap place to live.

Then came the revolution , and at the age of 60, we felt it was too big a leap of faith.  We’d often vacationed in the Canary Isles, Tenerife being the best weather for holidays, but felt it was rather too ‘English’ for anything more permanent.  But then we found Los Abrigos, a small fishing village in walking distance of Golf del Sur, Famed for it’s fish restaurants, Los Abrigos is largely still Spanish owned, with only the harbour given over to tourism.

So we bought and renovated a typical local townhouse near the sea front and decided to Learn Spanish.  Don’t expect anything twee like a Cornish cottage.  The locals are down to earth and, a little like Egypt, when money is tight it gets spent on the inside of the home not the outside.  In addition the upper floors get done if and when money and time become available.

1 view Living and Holidaying in Tenerife
Typical roof top views in Los Abrigos.

Our home is 4 stories high and I love waking each morning to the sight and sound of the sea. I hope to encourage more people to come and learn or practice their Spanish with me here in Tenerife.

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About Los Abrigos Houses

Well, truth be told, there are very few houses in Los Abrigos.  Almost everywhere is apartments.  This is partly due to the fact that it’s by the sea and the English influence what’s happening but largely due to the fact that land is mostly sold in 100 sq meter plots and until the crash, the best return was 3 apartments on each plot.  Things change of course, but perhaps not for a while yet.